Tuesday, March 28, 2006


here's the prettiest girl i've ever seen! her head is kinda flat in the back, which we read can be from the babies laying on their backs in their orphanage cribs all the time. well, she wasn't in an orphanage but for the last week or two-someone else told us it's genetics. they told us to start noticing adult chinese people's heads; that a lot of them have flat-back-heads, too. oh yeah, we learned that she didn't have any other brothers/sisters in her foster family. and that the box we sent her never arrived; too bad.
oh well, hopefully it landed in someone's hands who really needed it!


Betty Brinley said...

Can the word beautiful be overused?
Mom Brinley

Brian and Eugenia said...

"Yo, wassup? I am just chillin with MY Mom and Dad. Yeah, they're pretty cool."

Schmara said...

The back of my head is flat guys, and it hasn't slowed me down yet. Sometimes it surprises me when I see it though. I'm so happy for you guys, she is beautiful and adorable. And just as much as you feel lucky to have her, I think she is also lucky to be with two such loving and wonderful parents.