Wednesday, March 29, 2006

congee time

congee is what people-adults and babies alike eat for breakfast. it's a rice-y soup kind of thing. and yes, she likes it!


DaBrakes said...

Hello Gordon Three! I've just finished reviewing your entire journal from start to finish. It was like riding in the backseat on your journey - what an awesome photo journal this will be for your family to revisit someday. I really don't know any child in the world that is more wanted than this one. She is so lucky not only to have two parents who think she hangs the moon but amazing grandparents with arms wide open. This is one child who will never have to wonder if someone loves her!

Being someone's parent changes you instantly as you already know. The best part is that you get to have a childhood again - it's so fun to discover the world through thier eyes. And sometimes it's hard to breathe when you watch your heart walk outside of your body in that little tiny person.

I'm just so happy that all found your way to each other...each year gets better and better. Madison is 9 now and she's just as amazing as when I took her home from the hospital. Your heart just grows a little bigger every day to contain all the love.

Enjoy every moment....we are incredibly happy for you!

Jo Ann and Shawn Brake
in faraway Denmark

Marty said...

LOVE the bow!

Mom and Dad Gordon said...

Kev and Jenn,

Have you all tried congee? I can probably answer that one. Glad she is eating good. I do love the headband, too. I think she would look cute in anything!

Love, Grandmamason Gordon

burrito said...

for the love of Pete, please stop with the congee... and give her a cookie (McDonald's has some normal ones):) I hope she learns the word "no" first to stop this nonsense! or as Jordon loves to say " mommy, I do not like that stuff" that is a good one too. Love the pictures and you three. This is the 1st time in a long time I can not wait to get to work to see the updates:)