Thursday, March 30, 2006

snapin' beans w/ a friend

i love this one, too. this was across the street from the village. what is so amazing to me is that here these people have practically nothing-and they're still so happy! what's wrong w/ us americans?


Schmara said...

Jenn, I was going to reassure you that when we visited Phay's village in Laos, it looked worse than the village you saw and the people and children were very happy and content. They learned to make up their own games and did things like put some paper on a sidewalk near the school (which was just an old barn) and take their shoe and throw it at it and whoever could hit it would win. They loved doing that. So don't be too sad, not having material possessions seems to have made them learn to be content without it. And it was very peaceful and relaxing there, it is just a different way of life that seems less cluttered with all the stress and worries of our lives.

Donna & Joe said...

Our society here in the U.S. is just so materialistic. I wish we could all learn to be happy with what we have like the Chinese people. Instead, we're not happy until we have the latest gadget, the best car, etc. I'm sure there are many lessons we can learn from the Chinese.

Love your photos.

Donna :)
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