Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tian'anmen Square

we woke up this morning (to the sound of honking cars outside our hotel) at 6:30, which meant we had about 7 hours of greeeat sleep.
we had a huge breakfast and met more of our group, then we all set out at 8:45 for some sight-seeing. first stop-tian'anmen square and the forbidden city. this place is huge! T-square is actually the largest square in the world. it was windy and a little cold, but neat. the big picture of the man behind us is chairman mao. he is the one who established china's infamous "one child policy," which turns out to be the very reason why we are getting a daughter from here. interesting, huh?


momoffaith said...

It is amazing to see God's plan in action! Love, Susanne

Betty Brinley said...

I remember studying 'ole Mao in school...he was the bad communist guy! Our God is so awesome that He has been weaving the tapestry for your family for this time. Now, there is going to be a little, tiny yet beautiful red thread running through your tapestry. AWESOME.

Yes, this little girl will change the whole Gordon/Brinley "picture", but you will see so many people being blessed and happy to see what an awesome thing it is to be "made in China". Thank You, Jesus.

We love you'all, GrammaSon Betty