Monday, March 27, 2006

8.5 hours and counting

yeah, i'm lying again; still no myah. this is us at the beijing airport this morning, getting ready to board air china to the province of hubei, into wuhan city. the flight was only an hour and a half long-then we loaded onto a bus and had a one hour drive to the hotel. it is PRETTY here! very green, neat landscaping, beautiful yellow flowers everywhere (canola oil) and quite a bit warmer than in beijing. there are 'only' 8 million people here in wuhan (the capitol of hubei), compared to beijing's 14 million; so here, there's much less buildings and a lot more open fields. i hope to get a chance to take pix of the workers in the fields. it's exactly like you see on tv; bent over at the waist and wearing those bamboo hats. again, these people (esp the older generation) are such hard workers! anyway, it's now almosts 2:30pm here. we all will meet in the conference room of the hotel in 30 mins to start some paperwork. then, our babies will be here at 4pm!!! we just got thru praying for them now, as they're all on a 3 1/2 hr bus ride from the orphanage; keep in mind, many of these girls have never been outside, let alone in a bus. poor babies!

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Joel and Angela said...

Ya'll are have such beautiful smiles!!