Friday, March 24, 2006

rise and shine!

today's the day! we're on our way, little miss myah!
our good friends, the stitzels-who will be leaving for russia any day to adopt their 2 kids-came and got us at 6:15 this morning. by the way, for those of you who are wondering, we slept totally fine last nite and even hit the snooze button once! by the way, no-it STILL hasn't "hit me" yet! we're leaving TODAY and i still am calm. anyway, we flew from phx to san fran-and as you can see in this picture, our agency sent every family Tshirts so we could spot eachother in the airports. it was so fun! we found another couple from chandler in the phx airport right off the bat, thanx to the shirts. once we landed in CA we started seeing more blue shirts. there were 10 families total on the flight from CA to beijing.

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Schmara said...

That is a really cool idea, I know all of you guys were probably so excited and it is so much fun to share your experiences with people that are doing the exact same thing.