Wednesday, March 29, 2006

drawing a crowd

okay, so we bundled her up so we wouldn't get 'scolded' by the chinese women-and yet they were now saying (thru a passerby that translated for us) we had her bundled up too much on top...they lifted the blanket off her legs, then said she wasn't bundled enuf on her legs. so they unfolded her socks and pulled em up higher on her legs and pulled her pant legs down, then tucked her blanket around her legs, sheesh! there were about 5 of us who took our girls to the park and MAN, did we get a lot of stares! there was a young guy and girl looking at everyone...she was crying. just made me wonder...could she have been a mom who had to put her baby up for adoption? anyway, these ladies just wouldn't stop talking about myah! all we could say was 'thank you' in chinese and other than that-we'd all just laugh; cuz there was absolutely no way we could communicate, yet it was fun!

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Schmara said...

That is funny, asian women, especially older more cultural women are quite a force to be reckoned with. They know how they think it should be done and they will tell you. It is fun for you guys to see how chinese people take care of the babies. But please don't bundle her up in AZ in the summer, hehe.