Monday, March 27, 2006

ancient, i tell ya

this guy was just walking down the sidewalk, carrying a heavy load of something. see what i mean about their way of working compared to ours?! oh, by the way-it's fairly warm here today and notice his coat. everyone is layered! and our guides can't stop stressing enuf to us of the importance of layering our babies! they said they don't even want us taking them to the swimming pools, bummer. anyway, as we start posting pix of miss myah, and you're wondering why we're in t-shirts and she's in long-sleeved outfits and her coat-it's cuz we're trying to respect their ways of things.

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Betty Brinley said...

You know, I think this might work better than the old wheelbarrow when I do yardwork. They've been using this method for a bazillion years for good reason.