Sunday, March 26, 2006

if tomorrow never comes

remember garth brooks' hit, 'if tomorrow never comes?' well, trust me, for you all back in america, it does (since we're 15 hours ahead here in this part of the world)! okay, i wanted to just tell you a few things here, without a picture and needed a catchy title. first of all, we are unable to actually view the website; don't know why, so every time i post something, i just have to hope it makes it...then we wait for kevin's mom to email us and tell us how many new ones appeared. having said that, that also means we're unable to read the comments many of you are writing. again, kev's mom and dad just tell us who actually sent one-so we apologize for not replying to any of your comments-but we simply cannot. oh yeah, please keep in mind how 'off' our bodies are with this new time change, and forgive my type-o's : ) and one other thing-THANKS SO MUCH for all the prayers! one of my biggest thing was not getting sick; and we feel AWESOME! praise God! last nite, we had another great nite of sleep and actually got 8 hours. and this afternoon, which was nite-time to our bodies, it actually didn't seem as bad as yesterday afternoon; so we're adjusting! thanks again!

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