Wednesday, March 29, 2006

a brag moment

the lady with the little boy translated what these other ladies were saying; they said that myah is the most beautiful out of all the babies there! ahhhh, how sweet! we saw the same ladies again in KFC (yes, we ate at kentucky fried chicken!) a little later-they were so happy to see her again...


Jeanette said...

She really and truly is one of the most strikingly beautiful babies I've ever seen...even my husband said so!

Daniele said...

She is amazing. How cute is she! We are so happy for y'all and can't wait for her & Cameron to be able to play together! Wishing you well and thanks for sharing your journey with everyone. How fun!
The Born's

Christie Burk said...

Just wanted to let the Gordon Family know I'm sharing the homecoming of a beautiful baby girl named Myah, she really is incredible!..Striking is the right word, along with sooooo pretty. Thanks for taking all the pix. I know some pretty proud grandparents and can't wait for my turn to give her a hug.
take care, you all are in my thoughts and prayers,

Donna & Joe said...

I have to agree with these women in China...I've followed quite a few families on their adoption journey, and I have to say that Myah is exceptionally cute! You three make a beautiful family!

Donna :)
FCC-AZ Waiting Families