Tuesday, March 28, 2006


another one from our friend. made me cry all over again. look at her lookin at her daddy for the very first time. can you believe she didn't cry? at least out of fright from her outta-control-sobbing mommy!


Brian and Eugenia said...

Myah's next thought:
"Ok, if the lady with tears streaming down her face is Mom, then this funny looking guy must be Dad, but where is the hair? Wait, I have seen him before, he's the guy in the big picture at Tian'anmen Square. Yes, I hit the jackpot!"

Brian and Eugenia said...

On a serious note. Yes, this is a "tear-jerker"

Mom and Dad Gordon said...


I figured Kevin will be jealous of Myah's hair! Maybe they can make him a wig after she gets a haircut! She will love him-hair or no hair. Isn't this amazing? Glad you are a part of their lives, Brian and Eugenia and all of the family and friends involved. Isn't this blog site neat. Getting to see pictures and almost the moment it happens. What technology. Love you all.

Mom and Grandmamason Gordon

momoffaith said...

Jennifer, You are just precious! Seeing your face makes me think of the first time I saw my babies! It is such a miraculous moment! Kevin, when Greg and I first found out we were having a girl he didn't think he would know what to do, but soon enough he was buying her flowers and playing baby doll with her!!! Love you, S