Wednesday, March 29, 2006

myah-happy to see melody!

here's another fun friend of myah's.
we are very much enjoying the friends in our group. a lot of us went to the park this afternoon, but in order to get there, we all had to cross the street-aaahhh! crossing the streets in china; much danger! it was HILARIOUS! i guarantee if someone had been taping all of us running across, we'd have won the 10K on america's funniest home video! here we all were; a big ole pack of white people; babies, strollers and cameras, dashing in front of busses, cars and crazy moped drivers. oddly enuf, many of them actually stopped-and i looked up to see a taxi driver really getting a big kick out of the sight!

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jennysimmons said...

i love kevin's proud-daddy smile in this one. so excited for you guys...