Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the brush is for myah, not daddy

hi everyone! this is a pix from yesterday-hope i didn't already post this one. anyway, kevin is with the rest of the group on a day trip. they are going to a local museum, lunch and then to a turquois factory-guess that's a big thing here in hubei. they left at 9 this morning and won't be back til 3, which kevin and i agreed-was too long of a day for the little cutie-patootie. both yesterday and today she is only awake for two hours, then gets so sleepy. she took a total of FOUR naps yesterday and is on her 3rd one right now! (it's 1:19pm here). when we went to lunch and the 'mall' yesterday-she slept just fine in the baby bjorn, but we didn't think doing that to her two days in a row was good, plus she would have had to take 2 naps in it had we gone today; no thanks! and, i had no interest in the museum OR the lunch, as we all know, so i volunteered to be the one to stay here with her. besides, we all had pizza hut deliver last nite and there are leftovers! oh yeah, this is funny-yesterday at lunch, i was putting a disposable bib on myah and couldn't figure this part out...it said, "FOLD ME IN." to me, it looked like FOLD MEIN; mein as in CHOW MEIN, ha! i think i've been in china too long!
anyway, she and i have had fun here today, altho we both had a cry session when she tried to poo-poo. (isn't that just what you wanted to hear?!) poor baby, i think she's consitpated and all i could do was hold her and cry right along with her. it was horrible! she just looked at me and i could do nothing! ugh! i was able to feed her some baby food prunes, but she didn't want a very much, so i'm hopin it was enuf to help! should i keep you posted, hee.hee. as soon as kevin gets back, i'll upload some pix we took of her eating breakfast this morning; i forgot to download em onto the computer before he took it on the trip! thanks to all of you who are leaving comments; remember, we can't actually 'view' the blog site from over here, no idea why. but kev's parents read some to us when we're on the phone. it's awesome and sometimes just stinkin funny to hear what you all are saying!


The Golovach 5 said...

Have you bought her any squeaky shoes yet?

Mom and Dad Gordon said...

No, Kevin does not need a brush! He needs some of Myah's hair! Jenn, you have been there too long-that was funny about the bib. Won't be long before you are back in good ole USA-you can take her to Sonic! Give her a kiss and hug for us.
Love, Grandma Gordon