Tuesday, March 28, 2006

tilt your head

sorry. but i wanted to show you how she sleeps with her arms out to the side. man, does she ever love that paci! we're trying to just give it to her when she gets sleepy; seems to be working!


The Applejuice Family said...

Hey Jen,

A very wise/elderly woman from my church told me that when a baby sleeps like this, it shows total contentment and that all is right with the world. They aren't experiencing any fear and that is reflected in total openness of their body. They aren't clutching a pillow or closed off to anything.

Looks to me like it's "all good" for little Miss Myah. You two are doing a GREAT JOB!!

Love you,


Betty Brinley said...

Girls can be pilots, too, PaPa Kevin.

Pround Gramma Betty

Brian and Eugenia said...

"I love Mom and Dad tthhhiiisss much"

Skin & Denise said...

Don't worry about the paci thing. I have a just 3 year old that still uses his for naps and bedtime. I figure he'll give it up at some point. You never see a college student with one, right?

And I'll say it AGAIN, she is just beautiful, guys. You both are doing a great job. Babies are meant to keep us on our toes. They don't come with an instruction manual so it really is just a guessing game and just when you've got it figured out they (the babies) change the rules on you. That's why parenting is NEVER boring.