Tuesday, March 28, 2006


this is us this morning, having an interview with the officials. they wanted to know why we wanted to adopt from china, if-after being with her for a day now-if we wanted to keep her, (paleeeease!), if we promise to take good care of her (yes, as you guessed, i was crying thru this, too!) and what kind of an education we will give her. then we had to do our fingerprints in red over our signatures as well as her foot! : )


Betty Brinley said...

Worth it all. Mom Betty

Brian and Eugenia said...

Here is my last chance: "Help!, they still will not stop kissing me and loving all over me..... Wait, I kinda like it.. Oh, never mind. I guess these two will do. Can I have another kiss now."

Amy A said...

I love how they have the box of tissues on the table. Jenn I guess you weren't the only new parent crying.