Tuesday, March 28, 2006

myah and sophie

we've become good friends with another military family here; this is their happy, happy daughter-sophie. she can stand up well and even take steps. miss myah can't stand alone yet, and just takes a few steps when we're holding her hands. and we are TOTALLY fine with that! we are so excited that we'll get to watch her learn to walk. the only thing is, she must not have had much 'tummy time.' she doesn't like being on her tummy for very long at all. which means, she can't even crawl! poor, sweet baby girl. so, we're going to be laying her on her tummy on her blanket w/ toys a little bit every day. she really needs to learn how to crawl!!!! we learned in our adoption course that it really helps develop certain parts of their brains, so that's gonna be our goal. crawl, sweet baby, crawl! by the way, we must be getting the hang of it, with a little bit of crying and a whole lot of sssshhhh'ing, patting, rubbing, swaying and singing-we got her to sleep! she'd been rubbing her eyes again. we wrote down her nap times today and man! she's only up for about two hours b/t each nap! that sounds like a newborn to me! but then again, they say these babies may sleep a lot at first-cuz they've been thru sooo much; they're just exhausted. kev decided he was in need of a nap as well. we're so happy to have all this down-time here. they've even arranged for pizza hut delivery tonite, yea!


Betty Brinley said...

Just the first of a world of friends...especially with your wonderful Air Force family.

You are one blessed little person! God made you special.

Gramma Betty

Brian and Eugenia said...

"Help!!! They will not stop kissing me!!!"

Mom and Dad Gordon said...

Pizza huh? Is that Chinese pizza? Order out please. She already has friends! Just too special.

Love, Mom and Grandmamason Patsy

momoffaith said...

If she is anything like you Jenn, I am sure she is going to be blessed with TONS of friends!!! Lauren, Joshua and Brennan just can't wait to meet her! Love, Susanne