Sunday, March 26, 2006

the wheels on the bus go, screeeech!

i took this picture out our hotel window this morning-just to show you what we ride around in. there are actually 3 of these taking us around everywhere; this is the largest travel group on record for our agency, which has been running for 10 years. there are 60 adopting families in our group, many have brought along siblings and grandparents; so the total number of people is over 100! anway, this picture was taken right before we left for our church service this morning. funny thing is, about 15 minutes after i took this picture, we had a minor crash with a taxi; i told you the driving is CRAAAAZY here! we're actually surprised this hasn't happened about 10 other times already. the driver was just getting ready to drop us off at the hotel where the church service is held, and BAM! everyone was totally fine, except the driver of the taxi couldn't get out of his car b/c we hit him directly in the door! thank the Lord, we were going super slow in the parking lot!

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