Tuesday, March 28, 2006


this is from a friend's camera; this was the very first moment of 'us.'


The Applejuice Family said...


If this isn't a picture of shear joy, I don't know what is. All those years of disapointments and waiting comes down to this one treasured moment that made it all worth while.




Brian and Eugenia said...

Myah's thought:
"Holy cow, who is this weird lady?!!?--It's Momma!"

Mom and Dad Gordon said...

What a beautiful moment. Mom and daughter! You'll treasure this photo forever. I don't know how you could see with all of the tears of joy. Now you have a lifetime ahead of you with little Myah.

Love, Mom Gordon

Chad & Kimi Vesta said...
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Chad & Kimi Vesta said...

Jennifer & Kevin,

I am sobbing! Myah is the most beautiful baby girl - you CAN tell from the pictures! While the tears were already streaming, this picture made me sob, and I had to comment.

I am so happy for your beautiful family and thankful you are sharing this amazing moments with us. I, too, wish I could be at the airport to welcome Myah home... I can't wait to be at her first OK homecoming.

Love, Kimi

Kim and George said...

I can't stop crying...and how could you see??????????? I am overwhelmed with joy-can't imagine how you feel! Can't wait to meet my new neighbor!!!

Kim and George said...

I can't stop crying...how could you see?????????????????? This was a God moment... if there ever was one!!!

momoffaith said...

Oh- Jennifer. What an incredible gift from the Lord. You need to frame this picture!!! Love, S

Kristin, Scott & Lily Poteet said...

i too am just crying up a storm...what a bond you will have with your sweet little girl...it really is the best feeling in the world...hands down:) love you all:)

jennysimmons said...

this is sooooo precious! congratulations, jen and kev! can't wait to meet myah!

love you guys!